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jennifer tierney
neuroptimal neurofeedback
Neuroptimal neurofeedback
Neuroptimal neurofeedback

Jennifer Tierney - Founder/CEO, Certified Advanced NeurOptimal®  Trainer, Representative, and Facilitator

After being introduced to NeurOptimal®  Dynamical® Neurofeedback and having participated in regular sessions, Jennifer became an avid supporter of the system and process. So much so that she decided to become advanced certified and start a neurofeedback practice, leaving behind a life as an executive in the corporate world. Jennifer moved beyond the stressful environment she felt had become her "normal" realizing, through the use of NeurOptimal®  sessions, that this was possible, and stress did not have to be the "normal".

Since then, Jen has become a representative for NeurOptimal®  and recently opened a second neurofeedback business, COR Neuro, LLC, focused on providing neurofeedback to companies who support the use of sessions for their employees. Additionally, Jennifer is a strong advocate for the mental health community and her business has partnered with ZeroGround, a bilingual mental health center for children and families, to offer neurofeedback sessions to marginalized community members for free. In addition to ZeroGround, Jennifer has upheld a partnership with the Second Wind Fund, a nonprofit that aims to decrease the incidence of suicide in children and youth by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment. And lastly, Jen offers discounted sessions to veterans and local first responders as well.

She is also a representative for NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, one of only 40 trainers selected worldwide. As a Board Member and the Executive Committee Treasurer for Denver-based Spark the Change, Jennifer is an advocate for the non-profit community while also donating hundreds of sessions to local nonprofits through her own businesses. Trained by the Human Potential Institute, Jennifer dedicates much of her time to educating the corporate world on the importance of mental health.


Kristi Headshot
Neuroptimal neurofeedback

Kristi Twomey - Certified NeurOptimal®  Trainer

Kristi Twomey is a certified NeurOptimal® trainer with Parker Neurofeedback.  She also owns a Hemp/CBD company here in Parker, Colorado, Kaneh Tree, LLC.  After learning more about Neurofeedback and the many amazing health benefits, Kristi found that it goes hand in hand with what we are currently doing to help people to have better quality of lives.

Her passion for helping others came about after she spent 8 years struggling with several ailments that effected my life in a big way.  Kristi was in a serious car accident and suffered many injuries.  For many years she suffered from PTSD, Anxiety,  Depression,  Insomnia and  Chronic Pain.  It effected her health in so many ways.  Kristi got to point where she was tired of taking all the pharmaceuticals the doctors were prescribing, as they didn't help much and were not good to take long term.  She was at the point where I started looking into more natural, holistic ways to help manage my ailments.   


This is one of the many reasons she's excited to be a part of Parker Neurofeedback.  Since making Neurofeedback a part of my better health routine, Kristi is happy to say it has helped to manage many of the ailments she had previously been struggling with.   


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