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The benefits of using NeurOptimal® Dynamical® neurofeedback are vast and far reaching. Whether you are struggling with the stresses of everyday life or with something more specific, using dynamical® neurofeedback to train your brain can help. NeurOptimal®  simply helps your brain to function more efficiently, similar to defragmenting a hard drive in a computer or reorganizing the file folders in our brain. It is an intuitive system allowing the brain to provide feedback directly to itself so that it can regulate itself more efficiently. This allows the brain to be more flexible and resilient and thus can help with stress reduction, improved sleep, mental clarity and acuity, and is also particularly helpful as a support mechanism to those using other therapeutic modalities.  

If you are feeling or experience:

  • stressed and overwhelmed 

  • not waking refreshed

  • difficulty focusing

  • memory problems 

  • poor performance on tasks

  • feeling low or irritable 

  • excitability

You want to feel or experience:

  • helps manage stress

  • promotes healthy sleep habits

  • mental clarity

  • mental acuity 

  • peak performance on tasks

  • feeling lighter and happier 

  • self-control

Train your brain today using NeurOptimal® Dynamical® to be feel your best and be your best self.

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